About the artist

Alec Malinofsky was born in Chicago in 1995. When he was 5 he moved to Paris with his mother. He lived in the 18th arrondissement where he discovered a popular culture. Quite naturally he started making pictures. As he was fascinated by paintings he began creating constantly.

His favourite artists range from Bacon to Jonathan Messe, via Art Brut movment which deeply influenced his creative process. A vital creation detached from the Art market, the fruit of an utter individual intend.

He finds his inspiration in African or urban art , expressionism and religious pictures... For Alec, street is a treasure where he can find materials (boards, advertisements prints…) he can play with - halfway between mystical and naive art.

He made a public exhibition in 2014 at the Maison des Ensembles. This event was organised by his collective which is composed by four artists.

Artwork available for sale

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