Sébastien Dominici

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Sébastien Dominici, painter 3.0

Insularity / singularity

Born in 1978, teenager in the 90s. Sébastien Dominici lives in Bastia.
His five senses well developed, he keeps his eyes widely open on a buzzy world where imagination is freed by tempo.

«The wall belongs to “half-wits”, “misfits”, “rebels”, “simples”, and to all who have a big heart. It’s the blackboard of skipped school. »

The young man and the wave

Everybody's gone surfin'. Travelling across continents and cultures, confronting components, getting close to nature with daring and respects, slipping in the wave folds. It’s Sébastien’s programme among a team of surfers and surfboard makers.

It’s the discovery of resin, surf culture and free style customizations…
From slipping to rolling, the tiny border is crossed. Tagged walls are acrobatic medium. The Skate generation, the punk attitude, a counterculture opens to all visual figures and testings !

Painting 3.0

«I start a picture and I finish it. I don’t think about art when I work. I try to think about life»
(Jean-Michel Basquiat).

His background, his energy, his insatiable curiosity are transcribed in Sébastien Dominici’s paintings.

His singularity is dues to his sea experience. He puts several layers of resin on his paintings. Each one is done with “mixed media”. (acrylic, markers, leads, collages). These translucent layers will make archeological stratums of the sedimentation work.

His pictorial grammar goes from classical Italian or Japanese ancestors such as Leonardo Da Vinci or Hokusai, to ultimate disrupters of CoBra movement, via American underground pioneers like Raymond Petitbon and of course Basquiat !

His graphic vocabulary seems like a sort of Esperanto ! Crowns and vanities of American guides, Indonesian goddesses and symbols, tags and graffitis… A language so voluble, an alphabet so personal anybody can reach them.

The painter scratches, samples, mixes… memories, influences, and news;
He invites the “watcher” to follow him in a crazy hope of a world, which is
fair, or at least, respectful of everybody and everything, all that with the belief
to escape from the reign of reason to the one of passion.

Jean-Luc Hinsinger